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An ecclectic mix of clothing including urban, sexy, dark, magickal, simple and gypsy peasant wear for every day and role play. Our designs are on display at our shop in Akamaru.

You can also visit us on XStreetSL.com

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Traditional Gypsy: Sexy and Elegant

Sexy and elegant in a traditional gypsy design, this skirt set has been in the works for a long time. I just was never satisfied with the result before.

Feeling completely inspired this week to create a traditional sexy Gypsy Skirt. This gorgeous design features a long satin flexi skirt, black lace overskirt and matching belted scarf accented with gold and silver chains. (The layers are all attached to save on precious SL attachments.)

To set off the ensemble, I have added an flirty gypsy top with lace sleeves and lace trim. Available in both cropped and full length these tops are modifiable so you can tint or lengthen as you wish.

The set is sold with Red, Violet or Teal skirts all at an affordable price.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tattered and Heart Bound

Lately I have just been loving the leg warmers and adorable short skirts. I keep saying "No more short skirts!" But then I start working and that is where the inspiration leads me.
This set revisits soft plaids recycled from the Dusty Gypsy Line. They are patched and show a bit of tattered wear that just adds to the charm of this incredibly sexy set. Available in Blue, Green, Red or Purple.
Complete with leg warmers, arm warmers, flexi skirt, top and cuffed stockings, this hot ensemble is fun and comfortable. As always, the skirt is modifiable and can be sized to fit. If you ever have a problem with a Hectic Moon product, please let me know. I am always happy to spend time making sure your are satisfied.

Now for a limited time, we are offering the BLUE version of this set at a 75% savings ONLY on Xstreet and only until 4/24/09.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Spring!

Sigh, it is so nice to have winter behind us. Because she is SO excited to be out of hibernation, Gypsy is enamored with dragonflies this month and has created all of the latest hunt gifts with dragonflies in mind.
For the Spring is in the Air hunt we have a Dragonfly skirt and top set. For the Go Fly a Kite gift there are Dragonfly pumps. The Gone Fishing Hunt gets Dragonfly wings, a custom Dragonfly attachment and a sweet little dragonfly for your belly button. All so adorable, how can you resist? Particularly when they are all FREE!

While you are fishing in our new Magickal Fishing Hole, see if you can catch our Dragonfly fishing rod and Dragonfly fishing hat all in wonderful rainbow color!

Sigh, Spring is HERE!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The new Puppy and Kitty designs

Just a word to everyone, you really need to come down to Hectic Moon and see the newest designs by the famous GypsyRainbow. I am a puppy at heart and a neko, these designs add a zest to the already incredible atmosphere that surrounds you. They are fun and delectable, along with giving you that statement -- "look at me". She has several colors to suit many tastes and for those puppies out there, a dog bone for a buckle on the skirt, along with one for you as a treat. For the kitties, she didn't forget you, she designed a mouse for you to carry around. Please come on down and see the latest of her creations. You will not be disappointed.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Crystals, crystals, everywhere!!

Our beautifully wrapped crystal pendant is just the accessory for any mood or outfit. Need a crystal to balance your chakras? Something specific for meditation or spell work? This crystal does it all with the touch of your mouse.

Change from 21 crystal colors or mix and match! Crystal texture rotates gently for a lovely effect.

Stop by the store for our usually 20% New Release discount. If you haven't visited in the last week, you are in for a treat. Please explore a bit around the shop. We have put in some new Lucky Heart prizes. Look for the heart with the letter floating about it. If the letter matches the first letter in your name, you win!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet! What a hunt this is!

While you are popping in for the Greatest Love Hunt, stop a while and look for our little stained glass hearts full of wonderful prizes. Most of these items are only available for this hunt and some are just awesome. ALL items are original and unique designs by AlexanderVon Dudek or GypsyRainbow Nightfire.

Here is a list of some of the things you can find in the hunt:

Valentines Witches Hat
Valentines Fairy Lamp
Aurorae Chic Limited Edition skirt and top release
Gypsy Beaded bracelet
Be Mine Tee shirt
and MORE!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crystal Palace in the Sky

Our shop has been a buzz with Gypsy and Alex building and remodeling. If you haven't been to the shop recently, you are in for a fabulous treat! Like a butterfly from it's cocoon, we have blossomed into a lovely vision of serenity and synchronicity.

At our main landing point, you will find our news wall along with a teleport station. Immediately in the shop, you will often see our lovely models showing off the latest designs. If there is a particular piece you would like to see displayed, please ask the models, they are happy assist our customers.

Take you time and explore our little corner of the universe. We have several mediation spots, including our popular mediation globe. Try for a prize in the Lucky Chairs.

Wander upstairs and test your skill with our slide puzzle. Have a free tarot reading, pick up a free mediation carpet and visit the castle.

For a special treat, visit our art gallery on the third floor. Enjoy the RL art of resident artist AlexanderVon Dudek.

Often you will find Alex and Gypsy wandering around the shop or building the next design. Please say hi as we love to hear from you. Namaste.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Grid Wide Hunt - Greatest Love

Gypsy, Alex and all the staff at Hectic Moon are thrilled to be participating in a new grid wide hunt, Greatest Love sponsored by Katlene Niven Agency. This is a fun and exciting gift event. Lots of free stuff from some of Second Life's best designers.
More information can be found at the hunt website. Great Love Grid Wide Hunt

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HOT! Sexy, newest fashion by Hectic Moon

Even the hardest of hearts can not resist the sultry beauty that lies beneath the veil of Cashmere.
This sultry ensemble features a silk cape and flexi skirt with matching silk veil. The tie wrap top and sexy cincher is available in all three layers. We include a bikini bottom, stockings, tights and flare pants making this a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Matching golden arm band is also included.

Available separately in your choice of Purple or Red Satin. This set contains:
Flexi Cape
Flexi Skirt
Tie Top (3 layers)
Cincher (3 layers)
Flare pants
Arm Band

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Short, Sexy Aurorae Chic are Smart & Sassy

Look hot and sexy in the most amazing colors you will find in SL. These sets are created with textures exclusively from Hectic Moon.

They each include a stylish cut in our backless tee shirt imprinted with the original artwork. The multi layered skirt is imprinted with the matching art on top and a black lace slip underneath. Black sheer stockings and black undies complete the set and are both included.

The textures used in the making of these sets are the RL art of AlexanderVon Dudek made with color and light. These colors can not be created digitally. Bring a bit of light into Second Life with the colors of the rainbow.