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An ecclectic mix of clothing including urban, sexy, dark, magickal, simple and gypsy peasant wear for every day and role play. Our designs are on display at our shop in Akamaru.

You can also visit us on XStreetSL.com

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Black Widow Seductress Sizzles for the holidays!

All of the decorations and holiday cheer was just so inspiring. Planning for the Treasure Hunt and getting ready for holiday parties, put me in the mood for a bit of romance.

Available in black, red or purple, our new Black Widow Seductress is sizzling hot! This latest addition is wickedly seductive complete with lace teddy, lace cape and black flexi skirt with a lace overlay. Coordinating fingerless gloves and solid sheer black hose are the finishing touches that will make them squirm and follow the Black Widow's scent.

Are you mourning? On the prowl? Using textures created with a real life spider web, our Black Widow Seductress will have you catching tasty morsels of your own.

Our pieces are completely modifiable so you can pull and stretch and position the piece for a good fit. The package includes:
Multi Layer Flexi Skirt
Lace Cape
Black Lace Top (undershirt, shirt layers)
Black Lace Panties (underpants, pants layers)
Fingerless Gloves
Black Sheer Stockings

Monday, December 22, 2008

Yule Holiday Treasure Hunt

December 22 - 26, 2008

What happens to designs that never get released? Do they end up on the cutting room floor? No way! They get added to our holiday treasure hunt!

The shop is packed with some of our undiscovered gems. Hidden around the shop are 12 wrapped packages containing various items that for one reason or another were never released. There are women's clothing, unisex clothing and some home items. One of the packages contain a freebee of one of our newer Opal Moon outfits, but in an unreleased color.

Most of the gifts are pretty nifty. If you enjoy this, please drop me a line and let me know.

The hunt runs from 12/22 to 12/26/08. So you have plenty of time to search and to tell all of your friends!

You can follow our new releases at http://www.hecticmoon.com. Also joining our group let's you know about special sales and promotions. We have an eclectic selection that is constantly growing.

We wish all of our loyal customers and friends a happy and safe holiday season.

GypsyRainbow Nightfire

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Once upon an Opal Moon...

This urban, gothic, vampy design features a black shortie jacket with an onyx cabochon decorating the back. Six assorted color tops and matching tights offer a flexible design appropriate for all occasions both day and night. Get ready for heads to turn with this sexy mini flexi skirt made with semi sheer material.

Each set comes in ALL layers.
SIX cami tops (undershirt, shirt)
SIX matching cami bottoms (underpants, pants)
Short black jacket
Mini flexi skirt
SIX matching tights.

Available separately in the following sets:
Opal Moon Ensemble Basic (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple)
Opal Moon Ensemble Natural (Brown, Tan, Gray, Dk Gray, White, Black)
Opal Moon Ensemble Pastel (Lime, Salmon, Turquoise, Pink, Sunshine, Violet)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hectic Moon gets a new look

Whew! I have been busy in the shop updating all of the advertisements and signs with the new logo. At first, it was overwhelming but it has given new such life to the designs that now I am incredibly excited about the new look.
So time to review a couple of Fall releases which would be SO sweet for the holidays.

The outfit above is Elegant Gypsy in brown from our Dusty Gypsy series. This set features a corset top and fingerless gloves with a brocade flexi skirt and cincher and a bit of a realistic worn look.

Please stop by and visit our store in Akamaru and check out our designs. We have magic prize chairs and a wonderful free mediation rug.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Moon Spinner - Magical Gypsy Wear

Available in 5 realistic colors. Blood, Denim, Indigo, Olive and Cocoa.

"Mysterious and oh so sexy! This lovely set includes a multi layered flexi skirt, glitch pants, cami top and jacket. For all your witchy and gypsy role play or just every day wear. A bit of grunge and a bit of class."

Our recently released Moon Spinner series was inspired by the RL textures and shades of soft suede. It features a mult-layered flexi skirt with a ratted hem combining blace lace and a realistic looking fabric.

Mix and match this set for a multitude of looks. The lace moon on the cami top creates a dress-like look. The lace long sleeve jacket is stylish and classy. Wearing the jacket alone creates a sexy, vampy look.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hello! I am GypsyRainbow Nightfire, the owner of Hectic Moon. This blog has been created to annouce new releases and to get ideas from the Second Life community. Like many designers in Second Life, I am passionate about designing. While my RL friends are in SL exploring and role playing, I find myself at home creating new fashions.
Usually, I start with an idea or a 'look' in mind and from there it develops. As the item takes shape, it gets a personality all it's own.
If you browse through my shop in-world, you can see how my designs have changed and grown as I have expanded my talent and my taste. I have always found that I retain knowledge by 'doing' so designing is how I learn to use my skills in SL.
In the next few months, I will be releasing new designs, revamping old designs and testing new ideas. Please join me in the journey of exploration and style.